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A positive, proactive approach to your health and wellbeing.


    A positive, proactive approach to your health and wellbeing.

    Well Woman Check London

Making Your Health a Priority

With all the pressures of modern-day life, it can be challenging to make time for yourself, but a Well Woman screening is an essential investment in your health and wellbeing. Whether you wish to address any specific concerns you may currently have or want a routine check, The Tyburn’s Well Woman is designed to screen for any indicators of illness or conditions that require management at the earliest possible stage.

Bespoke Health Assessment

We believe that every patient is unique, and we can tailor your health screening to your individual needs and requirements. We are able to offer access to a comprehensive range of tests that are not readily accessible through the NHS and which can provide valuable information on future-proofing your health. We can then offer advice that is specifically tailored to your health, tests results, your lifestyle and support you in any changes you want to make.

What You Can Expect

  • Full review of your personal and family medical history
  • Height, weight and BMI measured
  • Blood pressure checked
  • A full examination: please note that an intimate examination, such as pelvic or breast examination, will only be performed if indicated or at your request and with a chaperone present
  • ECG
  • Lung function tests
  • Urine and blood tests

Other tests can be arranged, but will require a discussion with a doctor and will have additional charges associated:

  • Ultrasounds and mammogram
  • Bone density scan to screen for osteoporosis ordered if required
  • Cancer screening if required (for example, bowel and ovarian cancer)

Frequently Asked Questions

Awareness and early diagnosis can be crucial to successfully treating or managing many serious health concerns, so a regular check-up is always advised. However, you may want to arrange a Well Woman health screening if you’ve recently begun experiencing symptoms such as irregular periods, abnormal bleeding or discharge, persistent pelvic pain or recurrent UTIs or thrush. Dr Hazell has a post-graduate diploma in obstetrics and gynaecology and has close ties with leading specialists in this field.

Our blood tests check for thyroid and kidney function, iron and calcium levels, as well as any vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

If it’s your first health check with Dr Adam Hazell, you will be sent a questionnaire, covering your personal and family history and any medication you’re currently taking or any medical treatment you’re currently undergoing. You will be advised to fast ahead of your appointment as we will be taking a full blood screening.