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A complete overview of your health and wellbeing.


    A complete overview of your health and wellbeing.

    Well Man Check London

Comprehensive and Confidential

Our Well Man health check offers a deeper understanding of your current health status, as well as identifying any possible medical concerns for the future. Highly experienced in treating men’s health issues, Dr Adam Hazell delivers a flexible and confidential service that aims to give you more control of your health.

Personalised Healthcare

The Well Man health screening at The Tyburn is suitable for men of all ages but can be adapted to your unique requirements, as certain tests are usually only necessary for men in specific age ranges. Dr Adam Hazell can then offer personalised advice and support in making any necessary lifestyle changes.

What You Can Expect

  • Height, weight and BMI measured
  • Blood pressure checked
  • Full examination
  • Testicular and prostate examination: this will only be performed with your consent and can be excluded if wished. A chaperone will always be offered
  • ECG and cardiovascular risk assessment
  • Lung function tests
  • Urine and blood tests

Other tests can be arranged, but may require a discussion with a doctor and will have additional charges associated:

  • Sexual health screening
  • PSA testing (prostate cancer screening)
  • More comprehensive cardiovascular screening. We are based at The London Heart Centre, so many of these tests are on site and can be arranged in advance to be done on the same day

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a specific concern that has prompted you to seek a comprehensive check-up, but every man should make a regular Well Man medical part of their routine to ensure optimal health and wellbeing as well as identify any possible health conditions in the future.

On average, men develop heart disease many years earlier than women and, as part of your Well Man medical, Dr Adam Hazell can offer invaluable advice and support in making positive lifestyle changes and help you manage stress.

If it’s your first health check with Dr Adam Hazell, you will be sent a questionnaire, covering your personal and family history and any medication you’re currently taking or any medical treatment you’re currently undergoing. You will be advised to fast ahead of your appointment as we will be taking a full blood screening.

If further tests are required, these will have to be paid for separately. Dr Adam Hazell will always ensure that you are thoroughly informed about why he feels these additional services are required so you can make an informed decision.