• London Corporate Health GP


A dedicated Harley Street GP keeping your workforce well.


    A dedicated Harley Street GP keeping your workforce well.

    London Corporate Health Doctor

Bespoke Corporate Healthcare

Depending on your company’s unique needs, we will develop a customised Corporate Health package to suit you. Dr Adam Hazell will be your dedicated lead clinician and he recognises the importance of a flexible, highly efficient and quality service.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Priority access to GP appointments to minimise disruption
  • Medicals for your employees
  • Advice and medical support for all potential employee concerns, from dealing with musculoskeletal problems to stress management
  • Rapid referrals to leading consultants and other health professionals
  • Provision of private prescriptions
  • Flu vaccination programmes for your workplace
  • Business travel advice and vaccinations
  • Flexible packages to suit any sized company

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Adam Hazell will be your primary contact. He will develop a Corporate Healthcare package that will fulfil all current health and safety and employment legislation, as well as meeting the needs of your workforce, whatever the size of your organisation.



Dr Adam Hazell is already providing advice and support for companies on how to make the workplace safe for returning employees and can offer a whole host of COVID-19 services, including testing for the virus and antibodies. Click here for more information. [link to page]